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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sexual Politics in the Churches of Christ

Last month, Eumaios wrote a post about the dynamics of male/female relationships in Churches of Christ. I found his comments on how men are treated by the women in that faith tradition to be instructive, and can personally bear witness to what he is saying. The various conservative groups in Christendom have their theologies and doctrines, but the tinge of human nature is ubiquitous.


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Daniel said...

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Jennifer said...

Emuois or however you spell his name is disgusting and ludicrous in his patriocentricity; I can't believe how he scalded a woman for making perfectly legitimate suggestions on the blog. Then that creepy bastard Ferdinand utterly shocked me by calling a woman who repented of her sexual past a whore. And he has the nerve to speak of unChristian attitudes.

Svar said...

Jen, a lot of women like Paige and Haley(and of course Life in Long Legs) find Eumaios to be pretty harsh. I've talked to him, however, and he's pretty cool with me. He's also cool with Ulysses, Keoni, and Will S.

I'd recommend that you stay away from and do not comment at his site.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the caution, Svar.

lifeinlonglegs said...

Thanks for your support, Jennifer. I'm sure in person we'd all realize we have more in common than we expect and certainly they would know for a fact that my repentance is genuine.