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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I HATE Feminism

In the Bible, we are told to love that which is good, but abhor that which is evil (Rom. 12:9). David speaks of hating "every false way" in Psalm 119:128. We thus realize that there are times when Christians have a duty to hate something (Eccles. 3:8). As a Christian man, I think is it appropriate to HATE feminism (note the capital letters). I am not talking about a polite disagreement or a mild contempt. I am talking about full-blown disgust and revulsion at something so fundamentally at odds with a created order established by a loving and holy God.

If this statement is shocking, then so be it. I have been accused of "rhetorical overkill", but this is not the time to worry about that. I suspect many will take issue with my speech. They may declare, "Feminism is about celebrating women as people who are equal to men, and securing their political and economic rights. How can you be against that?! Do you hate your mother, you misogynist creep?!" This would be a valid argument if feminists didn't repeatedly prove themselves to be complete and total two-faced, hypocrites. Am I exaggerating in making this charge? I suggest you read an excellent essay "Manipulating - This What Feminism Looks Like" by J. Soltys. Feminist have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

If you are woman, and if you want both genders to be treated with equal dignity in our society, then stop calling yourself a "feminist". Even the etymology of the word (FEM-in-ist) doesn't countenance the idea of equality, justice, fairness, etc. Feminism is best defined as a political ideology that concerns itself with the advancement of women. Period. Nothing else. Yet, even in defining the word, we must take into consideration how feminism is widely practiced. All too often, feminism promotes women at the expense of other human beings (men and children). Inasmuch as feminists have repeatedly failed to rectify this situation, they no longer deserve any modicum of respect.

I put feminism on the same level as child pornography. Are you taken aback at that statement? Ask yourself this: Is the murder of innocent children better than the sexual abuse of them? Feminism is most assuredly responsible for the death of millions of babies. Not only that, it is also responsible for creating a debased culture where men and boys are routinely and systematically dehumanized. It is difficult to have any level of polite interaction with a human being whose goal is not really justice "for all" but pushing an androphobic agenda to the fullest extent in law, academia, commerce, and the culture at large. It's like expecting a black man to have a coffee klatsch with a white supremacist. How can I, as a man, be expected to dignify the insane ratings of someone whose fear, distrust, and obvious hatred of me is rooted in my biology? The bottom line is that the anti-male pronouncements of feminism have no place in civilized discourse.

As someone who understands that all male human-beings are created in the image of God and are of value to Him, I have a duty to take an active stand against feminism. The moment you call yourself a feminist is the moment I have stopped taking you seriously. Why? Because you have never taken seriously the concerns of men.


RedKnight said...

The are two main types of feminists equity feminists http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_feminism and radical feminists http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_feminist. So not all feminists are of like mind. There is even a group of pro-life feminists. http://www.feministsforlife.org/

Anakin Niceguy said...

I'm aware of "various types" of feminist. There is even the "individualist feminism" of Wendy McElroy, etc. The problem is that "feminism" has become synonymous with radical feminism. The ones who have the microphone and the ones who control the levers of academia, government, business law, etc. have a misandrist agenda. There is a larger problem of misandry in our culture from feminists have failed to distance themselves. They have fostered the myth of the "empowered woman" who not only does not need men but vanquishes men (who, in turn, are cast in the role of villians).

Ana Baptist said...

Abortion existed long before feminism. Ancient Rome and Greece, for example. Abortion is common in non-feminist societies such as Japan, India and China. And you might practice what the Bible says about loving your enemies.

Anakin Niceguy said...

Ana Baptist,

You forgot to mention that early feminists were opposed to abortion. Anyway, does the fact that others endorse abortion make it acceptable for feminists, if not anyone else? By the way, how do feminists handle the fact that in other countries, it's mostly female babies that get aborted? If they complain, aren't they indicating their moral hypocrisy?

As for loving my enemies, I am required to love their sin?

Christina said...

What Ana Baptist said about Abortion existing LONG before Feminism is only half true.

They didn't go by the name of "feminists", but they held to the same basic ideals that modern-day feminists hold to. And they existed in Rome and Greece. And they exist in China and Japan.

However, I don't think feminism needed to exist for the fear of having a baby to lead to abortion. I think feminism has largely aggravated it and made it "ok" for some, but I think the main draw to abortion is simply fear - and you don't need feminism in any form to drive a woman who is afraid and believes she has no other option to do despicable things to her body.

Anonymous said...

You are a fool.
Take your Christian Manhood back in time where it belongs.
Women are taking over.
It's a done deal.

Maybe we'll spare you some dignity when we're ruling the world in a few years... you can be my house husband.

Oh, for future reference, I like my dinner piping hot upon coming home from a hard day of doing my male secretary.

Although I would love love love to continue with this epic discussion, I have to go clean the blood off the floor, as once again I have burst though the glass ceiling.


Billy said...

Anonymouse is a by-product of the feminist virus and a good reason MGTOW.

Talk about the effects of feminism and it won't take long for a feminist to come and prove how disgusting they are.

Sherwin L. said...


You can run from it, hide from it, stifle it, cover it up, but you can't erase the truth. If you're so emboldened by women empowerment, then please reveal your name and be grand and mighty like you hope to be. Isn't that what you want? I thought feminists don't cower in fear and anonymity?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. And i'm a woman. It's really unfair how the media treats men. Every commercial involving a husband makes him look like a fat dumb goof who doesn't know how to do anything in the house. And of course he has a funny sexy sharp sophistcated wife who gets the glory at his expense. Feminists are so unbelievably hypocritical. You nailed that one perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with your capitol letters while speaking of your HATE of feminism. I HATE patriarchy pushing, war mongering, rape approving, misinformed morons like yourself. No love lost here.

Anonymous said...

Have you discussed this with your pastor/priest? It might be worth examining your feelings on this subject and how they impact on your faith and your relationship with God. I sincerely doubt your pastor will agree that feminism is a sin! I'm not sure what branch of Christianity you practice, but it's certainly a new one to me. But let's say,for the sake of argument, that it were a sin - can you honestly say that you are hating the sin but loving the sinner here? You seem very angry with feminists. Where's your compassion and charity?

Anonymous said...

You know, in recent years people have made the SHOCKING discovery that when you educate WOMEN, disease and poverty go down, and overall community health goes up. When you put WOMEN in charge, violence plummets because WOMEN are actually concerned with things other then the comparitive length of their cocks. We are not going to be pushed around anymore, especially by assholes cowering behind books written more than 2000 years ago by MEN. I am a feminist, and I am proud, and I feel sorry for you. You are simply hindering yourself with your narrow minded viewpoints. Also, I just did you a favor, because I think we both know it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to read comments from people who disagree with you. It makes you feel victimized and therefore vindicated, so you're welcome. Now go read Margaret Fuller--she will kick your proverbial ass. Also, to any feminists reading this, go look for the book "Girls to the Front"--it's quite excellent.

Dom said...

Phenomenal writing on the subject of feminism, I am in complete agreement with your thoughts and opinions.

Now I just have to find myself a decent girl to settle down with, one who doesn't want to be an astronaut or politician, and is happy to be the centre of the family instead! If only I could go back in time to the 1900s. I feel like an antique and I'm only 28!

Lala said...


Is this a satire?

Please, please tell me it is! Because I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off from just reading the title XD XD XD XD This is just brilliant! Brilliant!!!

You're so backward-thinking, it just can't be real!!!! XD XD XD

Look, I don't like stupid feminazis, and I don't agree with women taking over the world. But I don't agree with men doing it either. Neither would I agree if transgenders/ androgynes are taking over the world. We should all share like nice people God wants us to be. You silly caveman, you.

Will S. said...

Lala, you argue like a girl, which is to say, you don't, just relying on sarcasm - the lowest form of wit, recall - and hoping that your apparent derisive laughter (I say apparent, because though you type it, I'll bet you're not really laughing but actually fuming that someone has the gall to think differently from you on these matters) will cause your opponent to change his position. Doesn't work that way.

BTW, this post is from three and a half years back, and the blog is no longer being updated; you might reconsider in future whether it's worth chiming in on something so old, on a defunct blog. But that would require you to think before acting, which you haven't demonstrated you're capable of doing. But in that, you're just like most other young women out there today, clueless, and clueless about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even Christian and I agree with you completely. Thank you for understanding the Bible. However, you ought to be careful to not say that you hate feminists - only feminism.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree, and i hate feminists myself.

Personally, i think world would be a better place if most women would be killed off.

Just to clarify: i don't hate just feminists, but ALL women in general. Women are hideous, repulsive, vile creatures, and they all should be slaughtered.

Anonymous said...

While I personally am not attracted to feminists, I do think they have the right to be however they want to be. That said, men can choose not to have a relationship with a feminist if it bothers them.

Anonymous said...

You can hate all you want. It's not going to change anything, sweetheart.
As long as there are women who have a healthy state of mind and view of the world, there are going to be feminists.
The less extreme feminists are not to be hated at all. If you still do, your a women hater.

And indeed, i would follow your bible if i was you. Don't hate and forgive Everything! Cuz that's waht the lord would do. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian Woman in total ageement with the fact that Feminism is evil! For those who say that "Not all Feminists are that way" might as well be saying "There are different types of Satanists" Feminism isn't even "For" women! It is a Jewish organization, like many others out there, that want to hurt and destroy Christian ideals and morals! The Jews are Satan's children! They are also the Serpent behind every terrorist organization out there! The JDL, the ADL, the Feminist Movement, etc! I really do not feel the need to list them all! Love your blog, brother! Keep up the good work!

Sue Botchie said...

It's only natural for women to express anger toward men who reject the female gender. It is only because this blog is Christ centered that this comment is civil. I strongly detest mascuinists but Christian masculinists are an exception, because only Christ matters.

Dennis Stewart said...

Roman Catholic says:

Feminism is the destroyer of women, as well as men. It is a ideology of supremacy and hatred very closely akin to National Socialism (NAZI)
bring hatred of God, man, and children. I pray for the day this horrible scourge is eliminated.

Evangeline said...

People always say something is a sin. ugh get over yourselves. Women are much smarter than men. We mature faster, there are more of us in the world anyway. Stop boohooing and throwing the bible at everything because we are all sinners. God doesn't hate anyone and for someone to say that is really low. As a proud feminist I am happy. You can HATE all you want but we will still be here at the end of the day

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I would think that you should not be hating anyone. I am sure Jesus wouldn't approve.

Anonymous said...

Im sure he hates feminism not feminists, just like you could hate satanism and not satanists

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian and I used to be a feminist. I thought that modern feminism was about men and women being equal and about celebrating women and femininity in general... boy, was I wrong! Modern feminism is about building women up by tearing men and certain other women down. And by "certain other women", I mean white, straight, cisgender, thin, Christian, Republican, non-feminist women.

I'm quite skinny - I've always had trouble gaining weight (it runs in my family) - and it disgusts me how most feminists ridicule and insult women for being thin, just to build up plus-sized women, and call it "body positivity". I didn't choose to be underweight, and I don't think I should be bullied over my weight or anything else that I can't change. Nobody should.

And like I said at the beginning of this comment, I am a proud Christian woman. However, most modern feminists are atheists, so naturally, they hate Christians. And not just the Westburo Baptist Church - they hate ALL Christians, including Christian women (which is hypocritical because:
1. they love/support Muslim, Jewish, atheist, and agnostic women, and
2. they claim to love/support ALL women, so why should Christian women be an exception?)
Many of them can't seem to stand it when people have different religious beliefs than them, and so they constantly insult, shame, belittle, and ridicule us in an attempt to "deconvert" or "enlighten" us. They try to "break you to remake you".

I'm not a Republican, but I see nothing wrong with other women being Republicans, and I hate seeing them get shamed for their political opinions by feminists who demand respect for their own political opinions.

I am white, straight, and cis (which, like my weight, are things that I didn't choose to be). Feminists respect women of color and bisexual/lesbian/pansexual/transgender women, but they are bigoted towards straight, white, and cisgender women. More blatant hypocrisy! Yay!

And even when I was a feminist, I never understood the hatred that many feminists have toward anyone who doesn't identify as a feminist. They even tell non-feminist women that they deserve to be raped, or that they should kill themselves. I would never be that aggressive or hateful towards a person just because they have different political or religious beliefs than me. That's just childish and stupid!

And last, but definitely not least, most modern feminists are sexist towards men. They try to take away holidays that celebrate men like Fathers' Day and International Men's Day, but they want Mother's Day and International Women's Day to be seen as two of the most important day of the year. They generalize men and accuse them all of being stupid, violent, aggressive, abusive, and obsessed with sex. They laugh at men who speak out against the discrimination that many men face today. They say that feminism is all about "equality", and yet they ignore men's issues and only care about women's issues and things that aren't even REAL issues, like:
1. saying things that aren't sexist at all, such as office air conditioning, Disney Princess movies, and Nintendo games are full of "misogyny",
2. "fart rape" and "stare rape" (apparently, if a man farts louder than a woman or even just looks at a woman, he's "raping" her),
3. "manspreading" (which is their little buzzword for a man sitting with his legs too far apart in their opinion. How DARE men sit comfortably?!), and
4. the "wage gap" (which has been debunked time and time again).

So, yeah... modern feminism is definitely not for me. It's hypocritical, abusive, and the complete opposite of what feminism really should be.