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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Worth of LTR Game

What is the worth of LTR Game (or consergame)? On the heels of my recent post "Psalms 127:1 and the Sexes," Talleyrand offered his own thoughts about the matter. His conclusion? LTR Game is only good for damage control--after a man gets ensnared in a relationship like a marriage 2.0 situation. Otherwise, there's not much use for it, as men would do well to avoid any serious commitment to modern-day women. But then, one should read this recent piece by Hawaiian Libertarian, who takes a more sanguine view of LTR Game/consergame. I can see where both of these guys are coming from.

My view? I think a long term relationship is like any other heterogeneous system or organism. There are disparate parts that make up the whole. Charity may not be enough, but neither is charm or infatuation enough. Like MarkyMark said, there has to be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bindings. You're inviting problems when any one of these elements is missing. In short, I don't think "Game" by itself can put much of a dent in this.

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Triton said...

I imagine LTR game is sort of like owning a gun or purchasing insurance. You hope you never need it, but if you do, then you really, really need it.

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