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Monday, June 30, 2008

Amen, Amir.

Here's an excellent post by Amir Larijani at Singlemind.net about the issues some religious male bloggers are trying to address. If you are a man of faith and if you care about how the church and society in general treats you, read it:

"What We Do Here"

(Yes, in plugging Amir, I hazard forming a mutual admiration society. So be it. More religious men need to drop the cafe-lattes, New Attitude T-Shirts, dog-eared copies of [insert your favorite speaker here] and great real about the forces that are working against them. More guys need to be blogging or doing something about the matter.)

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Amir Larijani said...

Lattes? I prefer Americano. Espresso and water.

(Of course, pure Espresso is nice, too.)

The evangelical leaders had better start taking the men--especially the single men--seriously.

The Church--by punting to feminism--has all but lost a generation (if not a generation and a half) of men. This war on masculinity has led to untold amounts of unintended consequences, with protracted singleness being one of the more benign among them.