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Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Interesting Look at Female Voters

It's articles like this that give men a reason to vote libertarian (with a little "l"). As for many women voters, perhaps they need to rethink their ideas about compassion, justice, and liberty. Why? Because giving government the power to make people chaste, charitable, and courteous results in none of these things, but it does result in government's greater control of our lives. Let's not give government the responsibility that has already been given to church and family.


Amir Larijani said...

Vox Day often blogs against universal suffrage, and this is one of the reasons.

At the end of the day, Hillary has no room to complain: it has been her race to lose from day one. Unless Obama has an RFK moment, or a Vince Foster moment, or unless Hillary bribes enough superdelegates, she will lose, and she will only be able to blame herself.

Other women have become world leaders. Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher being prime examples.

Hillary is neither. And she knows it. The gender card will not cut it here.

Having said that, I have no dog in the fight this election season. I'm voting for Barr.

Anonymous said...

"Let's not give government the responsibility that has already been given to church and family"

By this definition, Debbie Maken could be the perfect anti-statist, utilizing the good old freedom of speech "preach and nag" tactics of church and family .. rather than govt-as-husband safety nets and policies favored by liberals.

She's an uber conservative SAHM. When do you ever hear her defending the "rights" of single and/or working moms?

The whole anti-statist thing is such a smoke screen for you guys. Yawn.

Anakin Niceguy said...
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Anakin Niceguy said...

And your point is, anonymous? Even if Debbie Maken was libertarian (I imagine many of her fans are not), it doesn't mean I am suddenly going to hold hands with her. Libertarianism does not mean that everyone agrees with each other. Now statists may want a world where there is only one opinion allowed to be expressed, but not me.

Blue Sky, Autumn Leaves said...

I find it very interesting that in spite of the majority of voters in the primaries being FEMALE (the article quoted 54% of voters participating to be female), Hilary still didn't win.

I, for one, would be damned if I EVER voted for a woman that was as emotionally unstable as Hilary proved to be through that entire election process.

That should inspire some confidence in the female populace's voting habits =p Maybe not much, as the vast majority of her support WAS female.

I unfortunately can't give my reasons for not voting for her any more credence than pure sexism. I don't believe a woman should be in that kind of authoritative position. So yeah, my reasons for not voting for her are because of her sex.