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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Guyland Canard

Hat-tip to Elusive Wapiti for directing my attention to this article. It's more of the same. Pretty interesting that the MGTOW movement is starting to hit the MSM, though.

What can I say? The Establishment is turning up the mike on the Mighty Wurtlizer of Shaming and Blaming Single Men. It's all over the articles, books, seminars, conferences, online guides, podcasts, what have you. "The beatings will continue until morale improves!" You know what? It won't change a thing, ya'll. Folks are yappin' like little feist dogs, barking up the wrong tree. The male squirrels are content to drop acorn shells on the whole gang.

Here is the point: A lot of young men are admittedly gullible, but a good bit of them aren't that gullible. The latter group knows very well that the nobody cares for them. Oh sure, people care about what men can provide or produce--as taxpayers, workers, consumers, family income earners, parishioners, etc. but no one cares about them as human beings. If people cared about young men as human beings, these men wouldn't have been shunted aside in their childhood as latchkey kids to be doped up on electronics and Ritalin. They wouldn't have been treated like creeps and losers in their adolescence for expressing heterosexual interest in girls. They wouldn't have been shuffled around in social caste systems that benefit only a few. They wouldn't have been forced into a cookie-cutter mode of officially sanctioned "manhood." They wouldn't have been told they are the "problem." Their concerns wouldn't have been ignored or laughed at. They wouldn't have been treated as an expendable commodity or, even worse, treated like vermin by an androphobic culture.

There is an old saying that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. People don't care about men. So men are beginning to not care about what people have to say to them. Q. E. D.

P.S. Don't look for too many expats from Guyland.


Amir Larijani said...

I thought the article was probably a decent assessment of what the secular dating scene is like.

The issue is to what extent that has pervaded the Church.

No one can say it isn't there--we've all seen guys and gals who fit those descriptions. On the other hand, other than online, I don't know any Christian "Marriage Strikers".

I did, however, find some things quite amusing....I'll elaborate later.

rounts said...

It comes to a point where you realize since you are doing the time you might as well do the crime. Yeah let them yap away. I don't even hear it anymore but I think they will only get worse. The more isolated they become the more insane they get. Yesterday at work I had some chick from the County scream at me for dumping water down a water drain. Like I was mass murdering dolphines or something. Absolutely nuts. Avoid western females as much as possible. You will get nothing but trouble from them. The gays and chivalrists can have them.

Anonymous said...

Most women are simply having fun these days, having been taught that guys are interchangeable.

I've dated both Christian and non-Christian. The religious ones are much more promiscuous.

Of course, that makes them more fun. Realize that if the vast majority are behaving like prostitutes, you'd be a fool to marry any of them. You really have to choose; sexless marriage or immoral happy sex life.

What a choice!

Amir Larijani said...

Anonymous: We have so many bloggers here who go by that moniker--women and men post using that name--that I don't know if you are actually relaying a true experience or if you are just playing the baiting game.

Ergo, please pardon my cynicism if you are being serious.

Ken said...

Once again, I am reminded why I have this blog prominently in my blogroll. It is so refreshing to get well-written perspectives from a fellow Bible-believing man who has not allowed himself to be brainwashed or wimpified.

Thank you.