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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Three Wise Folks

In the spirit of the holidays, I present three people bearing nuggets of wisdom on men's issues:

1. The conservative blogger "Playful Walrus" has a good summary of what's bothering a lot of us men. [Of course, it's also nice that he has given me some kudos. ;-) ]

2. Here's a 25-point reality check for how modern women treat men. Written by a bitter bachelor living in his parent's basement? Nope. It's written by a female clinical psychologist. We men are all too familiar with the nagging laundry list of "to-do's" written by relationship experts. It refreshing to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

3. Here's an article by Paul Coughlin on abusive religious leaders (HT: Singlextianman). Churchgoing men might want to check this out. I am somewhat tempted to see much of the dynamics between male congregants and their church leaders through the lens of "Game" theory. In other words, some "pastors" act like insecure Alpha-wannabees given to religious "AMOGing," browbeating men into obsequious "betatude" (quite contrary to Ephesians 5:21; Mark 10:35-45; Matthew 23:1-11).

Happy holidays.


Talleyrand said...

Nice articles.

Anonymous said...

I've been pondering how to write about this. It was something I could "see", sort of, as a married man, but it smacks me in the face as a divorced man.

One useful avenue to explore that runs in a sort of parallel line to this: some married Christian men look down on the single Christian man (though perhaps not consciously) essentially because he "isn't getting any."

Anonymous said...

That is, I could see the bit about "alpha" posturing. Pastor Driscoll may be an example of this in some ways.

The Playful Walrus said...

Thanks for the link! I very much enjoy your blog, even when it is painful to read because of the reality it portrays in the shortcoming of both women and men, and conservative commentators.

Triton said...

Playful Walrus, you might want to remove the link to my now-defunct blog in your column.

The Playful Walrus said...

Triton, I wasn't going to bother, but since you suggested it I probably will.

Being the curious (nosy?) person that I am, I would very much appreciate it if you would e-mail me (my Blogger profile has my address) and clue me in as to why your great blog was removed. I'll keep it confidential.

Thanks again to AN for the link... it pushed me back into Townhall's Top 10... I'm sure the general holiday slowdown has helped, too, but I like to look at the positive ;-)

vysota said...

The 2nd article is good. Very good, IMHO. My reaction is: wow, there are some very unlucky men out there, and some very horrible women. And.... who do you have to blame for this? Yes, women who have to be told this are awful harpies, and are rightly rebuked. But also... why are men married to / dating these women? If my girlfriend were to start doing any of these things to me, I'd tell her good bye and good luck. Are men really this weak that they will stay in an abusive relationship? If so, why? Yes, these women are horrible, but men who date / marry these women deserve part of the blame, just like women who marry an abusive boyfriend to later bemoan the fact that they're now chained to an abusive husband.

To me this blog seems like the male version of ultra-feminist talking points. Victimhood. We're all victims. Everything is everyone else's fault. Everyone is against me, poor old me. No one takes responsibility, either there or here, for choices made. You marry a gold-digging bimbo, you live with the consequences. You date a ill-tempered drug dealer, you live with the consequences.

Triton said...

Being the curious (nosy?) person that I am, I would very much appreciate it if you would e-mail me (my Blogger profile has my address) and clue me in as to why your great blog was removed. I'll keep it confidential.

I appreciate the compliment. As for my reasons for deleting the blog, it's nothing secret. It was a combination of getting burned out and having a number of real-life issues that required attention.

I doubt I'll have a blog again any time soon, but you never know...