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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Little Dirty Truth About 2nd Wave Feminism

I found this interesting video, which discusses an incident that I heard about some time ago (I think Stephen Baskerville may have mentioned something about it, but I can't remember.). Anyway, in this video, Aaron Russo relates a story about his personal dealings with the Rockefellers and their role in spreading feminism.

Click here for the video.


Anonymous said...

Here's a recent quote from Bill Clinton:

While politicians bicker over cap-and-trade legislation, Bill Clinton is looking to the empowerment of women as a weapon for fighting global warming. "In every single society in which that has happened, there's been a moderation in population growth," said Clinton. Because population growth is seen as a major contributor to rising levels of greenhouse gas, Clinton believes that putting girls in school and giving them access to credit, capital, and labor markets will temper both the birth rate and climate change.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Great vid. Thanks for the link.

Feminism is a social suicide pact. Clinton is correct. Every single society that has adopted political feminism fails to reproduce itself and starts to shrink.

Novaseeker said...

That's pretty uncontroversial -- not the Rockefeller stuff, but the idea that female liberation lowers birth rates.

The same thing happened in Sparta and Babylon as well, in those earlier instances of feminism -- the birth rate fell, the society could not sustain itself, and other societies filled the vacuum.

Anonymous said...

True enough. However, women will pay a much higher price than men: WHO is going to look after them when they grow old?