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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Puma on Marriage 2.0

[Puma left a comment on Marriage 2.0 that I thought was worthy of reprinting ...]

Marriage 2.0 is like the shapeshifter alien in sci-fi movies, which has killed the original crew member and took his shape.

This is why it is so difficult to warn men about the dangers of marriage; because they say: "What are you talking about? That is Scotty. He is not a bad guy. My family has known him for years!" ... not realizing that Scotty is dead, and in his place is this beast that is getting ready to devour everyone else on the ship.

The same tactic is used by the HIV virus when it commandeers human white blood cells, by replacing their DNA with its own. That cell is no longer a human cell, but a virus factory that then infects many other cells. The body can't defend it, because your other white blood cells still think it's one of them, and won't attack it, or try to stop it.

That's why we need some kind of marker to call it out. Calling it Marriage 2.0 can be that marker. Without it, when Joe Public sees our anti-marriage rants, he thinks we are a bunch of Anarchists insulting the choices of all their ancestors (i.e. getting married). Whereas in reality we are warning them about the beast that has taken its place.

[Excellent words from Puma. I liked how he equated Marriage 2.0 to a shape shifter. I suppose other runner ups would be carnictis sordidcus of Skull Island or Carcharodon megalodon.]


Anonymous said...

Guess what? I've already seen the Govt. and Feminists answer this. You know what we're now accused of?

Hate 2.0

Yep. Already articles popping up on it.

Niko said...

The next step is codifying 'Christian marriage' contracts (ala sharia and halakha)and establishing parallel Christian courts.

Would be Interesting to see how liberals would deny Christians what they want to give everyone else.

Amir Larijani said...

Good one, Puma.

Christian men, as a group, want marriage; they just don't want marriage as it has been re-engineered and packaged and sold by secular culture and bought--hook, line, and sinker--by the church.

I like the Marriage 2.0 nomenclature, but Marriage 666 would probably be a more apt description...

Puma said...

Thanks Anakin and Amir. Hopefully we can warn more guys about re-writing of Family Code Laws (i.e. rewriting of Marriage DNA) which has resulted in:

1) Decriminalizing Adultery
(overturning one of the 10 Commandments no less)

2) No Fault Divorce
("Til Death Do Us Part" has become a joke)

3) No Fault Alimony
(she cheats, he pays; maybe we can call this one "Til Death Do Us Pay")

4) Laws Siding with Paternity Fraud
(talk about punishing the victim; a man is left to die a genetic metadeath because he is stripped of his assets/future income unable to sire any future children of his own; the adultering wife and the "other man" make out like bandits - all with State-support)

One of the most benificial of human institutions has been perverted into a sick joke.

Puma said...

Here is Marriage 2.0 in action:


Despite these dire straits—Hitner relies on his second wife, Jeanie, to pay most of the household expenses plus the part of the monthly alimony bill he can't cover—he isn't optimistic that Judge Kaplan will be moved. Four years ago, he'd sought a modification from this same judge. "I told her, 'I really need help here, because I'm running out of credit cards to borrow on to pay this alimony,'" says Hitner. "The judge's response was, like, 'Lemme know when you run out of credit cards and I'll put you in jail.'"