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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Response to the Question Posed

Novaseeker has linked to this article, lifted some relevant quotes from it and asked his readers to ponder on what the quotes say about the women of Generation X or thereabouts.

Well, I already have a response. It comes courtesy of another writer, and it's a rather nice response given that it appears, of all places, in the British MSM. Click here for your pleasure. Yes, ladies, we are getting wise to what many of you are all about.

Endgame is nearing. It's almost as if Neil Lyndon channeled Daniel Plainview. I can image the latter declaring, "Stop your crying, you sniveling yuppie females, stop that nonsense. You're just the by-product of Nanny Statism, secularism, and consumerism. They should have put you on some old reruns of Days of Our Lives from the eighties, given all the drama you exude. Where were you when women were screaming for their rights and putting traditional men down? Sucking your pacifier? The good will's been had. There's nothing you can do about it. It's gone. It's had. You loose."

Just my two cents worth.

EDIT: In fairness, some female journalists see through the nonsense, too.


Novaseeker said...

That's a good article in the Daily Mail, Anakin, thanks for the link.

My own sense about the happiness issue is that feminism encouraged women to have very high expectations for everything in their lives -- to have it all, as the saying goes, but also to maximize in every area. I think that sets up a lot of women for dissatisfaction.

Men are somewhat happier, I think, because our expectations are decidedly lower, often, than those of women.

In the case of marriage, for example, most men still do want to marry (even if more are becoming skeptical of it due to the legal regime), but most men also do not have an idealized view of what marriage will be like. I think quite a few women do, unfortunately, which eventually leads to the commonly expressed "is this all?" type of thought that seems to plague married women. Men, if asked if their situation were ideal, would probably also respond no, but far fewer men than women would expect their situation to be even close to ideal, and the "ideal gap" tends to bother them less.

It's one thing I have noticed from observing men and women (and being married to one for a while) -- women tend to be pickier and more perfectionist than men are. Think, for example, of the different tolerance for clutter, just to take a mild example. The feminist culture exacerbates that by adding many new categories to the list of things women must strive to be perfect at. And of course, that's a very good recipe for unhappiness, because perfectionism, generally speaking, does not make people happy, either men or women. I do think that there is more of a trend towards perfectionism in women, and this leads to unhappiness cropping up as well.

Ken said...

Women are far more likely to believe that they can change what they don't like about another person, especially "their man". With that in mind, they are definitely more prone to think that their marriage will be everything they've dreamed it will be. And, it if isn't, they will get a lot of sympathy from their friends about the "burden" they carry.

James Rainey writes about the original essay in his media column at LATimes.com.

When I saw that, I was wondering if you'd be making comments, too.

slwerner said...

I thought I'd throw in a few of helpful links for guys who are actually considering Marriage 2.0:





Novaseeker said...

Thanks for that link, Ken.